Acoustic Blend Cafe is pleased to offer Group Lessons at its Milton, Ontario location (900 Nipissing Rd. in the classrooms of Milton Baptist Church):

Advantages of Group Lessons

  • Provides confidence in playing for others
  • Exposes students to a variety of music.
  • Fosters the development of communication skills.
  • Provides a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.
  • Establishes a sense of group spirit and group dynamics that increase motivation.
  • Allows students to learn from peers as well as from the teacher.
  • Develops concentration by maintaining one’s own part while hearing others play.
  • Less pressure on students allowing them to relax and enjoy the music more
  • A 1-hour group lesson is generally more economical than private lessons & with the length there is time for more activities & to master skills

There will need to be a minimum of 6 students to run a class.

To Register or Learn More

Phone: (416-565-9490)

Email: acousticblendcafe@gmail.com