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Acoustic Blend Cafe is pleased to be offering Private one-on-one and Group music lessons in piano, guitar, voice, and ukulele.  All teachers are screened, educated, and have either a university / college degree or have extensive performing and teaching experience. Lessons are tailored to each student.  

Parents should encourage their children to play an instrument because it has been proven to help in brain synapse connections, learning discipline, work ethic, and working within a team. While contact sports like football and hockey are proven brain damagers, music participation is a brain enhancer.

All ages from 5 up.  A minimum of 4 students are required to run a group class.

  • Equal monthly payments at a prorated price
  • Lessons run from September to June for a total of 36 lessons.  Adjusted accordingly if signing up later in the year.
  • Sign up anytime
  • Easy Scheduling and movement of lessons
  • It’s all in your hands through access to the scheduling website

All levels are welcome.  Ages 5 and up.

Lessons take place at 348 Bronte St S, Milton, ON L9T 5B6. in the classrooms of the Milton Tutoring Centre.

All Students will have the opportunity to perform as part of the opening acts for the Acoustic Blend Cafe concert series.


Payments can be made by: Credit Card, E-Transfer, Cash and Cheque.

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Phone: (416-565-9490)


Advantages of Group Lessons

  • Provides confidence in playing for others
  • Exposes students to a variety of music.
  • Fosters the development of communication skills.
  • Provides a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.
  • Establishes a sense of group spirit and group dynamics that increase motivation.
  • Allows students to learn from peers as well as from the teacher.
  • Develops concentration by maintaining one’s own part while hearing others play.
  • Less pressure on students allowing them to relax and enjoy the music more
  • A 1-hour group lesson is generally more economical than private lessons & with the length there is time for more activities & to master skills

There will need to be a minimum of 6 students to run a class.


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Phone: (416-565-9490)